Can I partially delete my client data and anonymize the remaining data?


Yes, we offer two types of deleting contact information. You can choose to delete everything with the button "DELETE EVERYTHING." Or you can select what types of information you would like to keep and perform a "SELECTIVE DELETE". When you do that, please keep in mind that both actions are irreversible and deleted information about a client cannot be recovered.

With selective deletion, you can choose between information regarding agreements & products, invoices & payments, email history, appointment notes, appointments scheduled in the calendar, form answers, client log (client messages and coach messages separately), the items in the to-do list.

There is also an option to anonymize the client data that you keep, meaning that the original real values for the client's name, address, email address and other fields in the client profile will be replaced with dummy or empty content. This feature is useful when you are working with clients in the European Union who, under GDPR law, can request their right to be forgotten, but you still need to keep some data about them, for example the appointments that you schedule with them.

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