Why does trying to stop the payments for a recurring product returns the error "Unable to change payment status"?


That error is usually displayed when the clients stop the product payments themselves in their PayPal account before the coach gets to do it from the Console end. Clients can do that, but they shouldn't do it because it does not translate to the coach end via the integration between the Console and PayPal. When this happens, the product remains in the coach's Console disconnected from PayPal, kind of "hanging in the air" with the invoices continuing to be generated and giving payment errors (and the coach can no longer stop them).

So, the coach should always be the one stopping the product payments from the Console; it does not work properly when the clients stop them from their PayPal accounts (it's not a two-way street in the API integration). Coaches should inform their clients of this in advance if they want to avoid this scenario.

When you get this error and need further assistance, please submit a support ticket in the Help Desk.

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