[New Websites] Everything You Need to Know to Migrate with Ease


With the launch of our all-new, completely redesigned website templates you'll notice some big changes to the look, customization and functionality of your Coaches Console public website and your Private Client Portal. Here is a step-by-step process to make migration easy for you.



Watch these videos BEFORE you activate the new templates.


  1. How to Convert to the New Website Themes & What Happens When You Do [6 min]
  2. A Tour of the New Website Templates [13 min]



Prepare your clients for changes to your Private Client Portal.

With the New Website Themes your Private Client Portal will also have a new look and feel to:

  • Help your clients be more organized when they work with you
  • Make it easier for your clients to find the resources, forms and content you provide through your coaching, services and programs
  • Support your clients on the go with better designs for mobile devices
  1. Watch this Video Tutorial walking you through how the New Themes update the Private Client Portal.
  2. We recommend that you send your clients a simple  email giving them a heads up so the next time they log in, they’re expecting it and not taken by surprise. Below is a sample email you can send to your clients if you wish or you can create your own.



To better support you in your coaching, I’m making some updates to my business; specifically to my Private Client Portal that you use to access the different forms, client log, scheduling and other coaching resources.

I wanted to give you a heads up that with the improvements I’ve made, the Portal will have a different look and feel the next time you log in. Not to worry though as everything is still there and more accessible as ever! In fact, with these new updates it will support you to:

  • Be more organized
  • Make it easier for you to find the resources, forms and content
  • Support you on the go with a better design for your mobile devices

You don’t need to do a thing. I just wanted to let you know ahead of time.

Keep enjoying all the resources in this Private Portal and please let me know if you have any questions.

Your Signature



Review these additional resources.



  1. Q&A Session with Melinda and Jackie [1 hour] - A webinar answering the most common questions, sharing tips and strategies and walking you through the new website changes.
  2. The 7 Best Practices of a High Converting Website [Article] - Your website is one primary tool in your business that should be working for you to grow your list and get paying clients so you don’t have to work so hard for each sale or buyer. There are 7 simple best practices to create a high converting website and marketing machine that attracts the right people, engages the right prospects and converts your ideal clients.



Check out these websites for inspiration.


Here are some websites of Coaches Console members who have already migrated so you can see what is possible:

https://eps-time. coachesconsole.com/developing- your-best-life-new.html






Find the help you need, when you need it.


  1. Find all the New Website Template video tutorials in the Support Center here.

  2. Click on the Blue Circle Question mark icon at the lower left in your Console System and our “Guardian Angels” support team will walk you through everything!

  3. Get the help of one of our Certified Virtual Assistants! Visit our Certified VA page to schedule a Matchmaker session with Jackie and she’ll get you hooked up with a CVA so you can quickly and easily convert your website, tweak it up and be proud to put it out to the world!


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