What is a TEST CLIENT and why do I need one in my system?


We highly recommend that you add a "test client" to your Console system. It's super easy ...

  1. Go to Contacts > Add Contact
  2. Create a contact using your own name or a made-up name with. an email address that is different from the one you signed up with -- maybe a personal email, or set up a free Gmail email address.
  3. Make this test client Active and Save.

Here are some ways you can use your test client:

  • Send your newsletter to your test client to make sure everything is perfect before you send it to your whole list.
  • Create an agreement for your test client and send it so you can see the whole process work before you use it with a real client.
  • Send an email to your test client to test links or formatting before sending it to a client, group or your list.
  • Use your test client to purchase a product so you can review the entire purchase/checkout process before making it live on your website.
  • Gift a course to your test client, then log in as the test client to see the course as your client sees it.
  • Use your test client name and email to test an opt-in form and your autoresponder messages.
  • Log in as your test client to see how your client's experience your private client portal, forms, etc.

Anything you need to test -- use your TEST CLIENT! 🙂


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