How can I create a sitemap for my Console website and submit it to Google?


First of all, given that your Console website is hosted as a subdomain on the main domain name, you do not have access to the root files, and thus some of the methods to submit a sitemap to Google do not apply. But you can do it via the Google Search Console Sitemaps tool.

For a better understanding of what a sitemap is and of the process, we strongly recommend that you read in advance the Google article about sitemaps.


  1. Create the sitemap file, either in XML or Text format. This can be done easily with the help of an online tool from the ones Google recommends in their article (e.g.: we used for testing Free Sitemap Generator).
  2. Log into your Google account and go to the Search Console menu > Sitemaps section.
  3. If you do not have your Console website URL in the properties list yet, you can add it with the "+ Add Property" option in the top left corner (e.g.:
  4. Log into your Console account and upload your sitemap file as a document in Content menu > Documents. You can place it in a new document category or an existing category (this aspect is not important).
  5. Copy the link to the Console document with the sitemap file. To get the document link, you can right-click on the document in the list for the contextual menu to appear, then click on the option "Copy Link Address" (see the first screenshot below).
  6. Go back to Google Search Console Sitemaps and enter the URL of the sitemap document (the relative URL, meaning only what is after; see the second screenshot below).
  7. Click Google's Submit button.

Below are two screenshots with an example, showing what you need to do in the Console and in Google. Should you encounter any issues with this, please let us know by providing details via a support ticket.


In Google.


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