What does the option "Pay what you can" do in the product price settings?


This price feature enables you to create products where, although you specify a general price, you allow buyers to edit and pay the amount they want to pay for the respective product. The process is as follows:

1. When defining the product, you can set a "One time fee" product to have the "Pay what you can" option by checking the box. You can edit the label, so you can have it in a different language or just worded differently (in Billing > Products > Add/Edit Product > tab 'Payment Options' > One time fee pricing):


2. On the products page, the product price is crossed off and the "Pay what you can" language underneath.


3. When the buyers click the "Buy" button, they can edit the price and choose to pay any amount.


Note: The price for a "Pay What You Can" type of product needs to be other than zero. If you want to create free products, you can do that by entering a zero price when setting up the product.


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