How can I have visitors of my Console website consent to my cookie policy (for GDPR compliance)?


By GDPR law, theoretically there should be a cookie consent interface for the visitors of your Console website, but the Coaches Console system does not provide a tool for that. You can embed and use this dedicated 3rd party service instead, which is free for one website:

1. You open an account there, and then copy the embed code provided in Settings > Domains.

2. Paste the Cookiebot embed code in your Console account > Website Settings > "Tracking Code" section, after all the other codes you have there in the "Google Analytics" field, then save. The remark about the Google Analytics account refers only to implementing the code for Google Analytics, but this is a field where you care place any code (not just Google Analytics) that you would want to implement at website scale, such as Cookiebot in this case.

In version 4 of the Console system:


3. Make sure you add your Console website URL in the "Domains" section of your Cookiebot account settings. Also, whether you want the consent box to show at the top or bottom is something setup in the Dialog section of the Cookiebot account settings.

4. Once you do that, when someone visits your Console website, It will look like here (example):

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