The Branding Elements of your Console Website



1. Logo Image

a. You can upload an image file that you already have in a folder on your computer.


b. Or, if you have the logo image on a different website, you can download it from there (right-click on the logo image to see the contextual menu with the option to save the image), save it in a folder on your computer, then upload it into the form.



2. Colors

You can get the codes for the colors either from your web designer (if you have an existing website) or based on your own color research. An example of website colors pallet:



3. Bio Text

If you do not already have a Bio of your own, you can follow the guidelines and example in this FAQ to write your Bio.


4. Bio Image (Headshot)

This is a picture of you that goes with the text on your Bio page. An example:



5. Banner (or Header) Image

This is the big eye-catching image at the top of your Console website. An example:




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