How can I turn off a website page while I am working on it?


Console website pages cannot be turned "off", as in "publish" or "draft", if that is what you are thinking of.

Instead, you can simply delete temporarily the menu a page is linked to on your Console website, so people will not be able to find and access the page (unless you provide them with the direct link to the page). Deleting the menu does not delete the page that it's linked to. When you finish working on your page, you can recreate the menu and re-link the page to it.

Another method is to setup the page as private with permissions for no one (in the "Menus & Permissions" tab of the page in edit mode). But in this case please keep in mind that, if you want to preview the page, you need to make it public again. Otherwise, when you click on the preview button, the system will take you to the client login page (as it would do with anyone trying to see a private page on your Console website).

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