How do I delete a client?


To delete a client:

  1. Navigate to the MAIN CONTACTS TAB.
  2. Use the search field to filter and select the name of the client you wish to delete.
  3. At the bottom of the name(s) list, you will see an option to "Delete Contact(s)."  Click this link and the system will prompt you to be certain you want to delete the client, then the client will be deleted and removed from your contact list.


NOTE: Once you delete a client/contact from your Contacts list, this is a permanent deletion.  When you delete the contact, you not only remove him from your Contacts list, you also delete any/all files associated with that client.  All of the following will be deleted that pertain to the specified client/contact:

  • Appointments & hours tracked in the Certification Report;
  • Coaching Session Notes & Follow up Notes for all appointments;
  • Invoices & Payment history;
  • All client data (if the client completed any forms online, the answers, data will be deleted);
  • Client Logs.

Be sure that you wish to delete the client permanently. It is our recommendation if you have data on file for a client/contact that you mark their status as INACTIVE CLIENT. That way, you still have all the data on file, securely in your system, but the client can no longer access anything in your Private Client Website.

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