How do I make sure my clients do not encounter login issues?


Here are a few questions to ask the clients with login problems:

  1. What URL are they using to login to your private website?
  2. What username are they entering at the login screen? (The password can be reset.)
  3. Is there a specific message they receive when they enter their login credentials and click "Submit?"

The answers to these questions will help identify what might be going on. Often when we have a coach ask the questions above to their clients the reason a client cannot login is typically one of three things:

  • (a) They are using the incorrect URL when attempting to login.
  • (b) They have used a lowercase or an uppercase letter where they shouldn't have (the login credentials are case and space sensitive).
  • (c) Their cookies are not enabled on their Internet browser.

Blank spaces count in login credentials and two problematic scenarios can appear:

  • (a) Clients can copy/paste the login credentials, which can slip in a blank space at the end, thus rendering a username or password incorrect.
  • (b) Another situation is when the coach, when entering a username for a client (during the manual creation of the client), inadvertently enters a blank space in front or at the end of the username, saves the login credentials and sends them by email to the client. The latter may not pay attention to that blank space and will type the username without that blank space, thus failing to login. In this situation, you can contact us and we will delete the blank space from the username in the database.
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