Can clients create their own credentials?


If you want people to subscribe into your system and create their own username and password, you need to send them to the Register page on your Console website. Please keep in mind that they are only prospects after they register and cannot login yet with their chosen credentials. You will receive an email notification that someone registered. You can then go into your coach account and turn them into a Hot Lead or Active Client so that they can login.

Also, there are a couple of cases where the system creates login credentials automatically for the client:

1. If you set up a new agreement (either from CONTACTS TAB > CONTACT NAME > "Agreement" tab > button "NEW AGREEMENT" OR from BILLING TAB > "Agreements" link > button "SETUP NEW CLIENT AGREEMENT") with a prospect or a new contact, when he/she agrees the agreement, the system will make him/her an active client and will send the "Account Details Notification" email with the template from My Account (bottom left corner of your coach screen) > "Notification Templates" link > "Account Details Notification" tab, with an automatically generated username for the client and a link to set their password.

2. When a new person enters your Console system by purchasing a product, the system will also create a username and password during the process. The credentials are usually sent to the new buyer via the default product autoresponder message "How to access $PRODUCT_NAME$", unless you delete this message from the product autoresponder series for any reason.

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