Replacement Tags - Payment Failed Notification Template


The following are the replacement tags that are found in the Payment Failed Notification Template. You will see what the tag looks like as well as what information replaces the tag in communications.

IMPORTANT: Replacement tags only work in communications sent to clients, not in pages.

$FIRSTNAME$ - client's first name

$LASTNAME$ - client's last name

$CLIENTCOMPANY$ - name of the client's company

$USERNAME$ - the client's username to login to the Private Portal

$PASSWORD$ - the client's password to login to the Private Portal

$COACH_FIRSTNAME$ - coach's first name

$COACH_LASTNAME$ - coach's last name

$LOGINLINK$ - link to your specific TCC login page

$PRODUCT_NAME$ - name of the product purchased with recurring payments

$UPDATE_PAYMENT_LINK$ - link that allows the client to update their payment information

$CURRENT_RETRY_NUMBERS$ - how many times the payment has been attempted to be collected

$TOTAL_RETRYS$ - total number of times a payment will be attempted before stopping

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