Replacement Tags - Invoice Reminder Notification Template


The following are the replacement tags that are found in the Invoice Reminder Notification Template. You will see what the tag looks like as well as what information replaces the tag in communications.

IMPORTANT: Replacement tags only work in communications sent to clients, not in pages.

$FIRSTNAME$ - client's first name

$LASTNAME$ - client's last name

$CLIENTNAME$ - client's full name

$DUEDATE$ - the date the invoice was due

$COACH_FIRSTNAME$ - coach's first name

$COACH_LASTNAME$ - coach's last name

$WEBSITE_PHONE$ - phone number that displays on your TCC website (found in Communicate Tab > Settings > field "Phone to display on the website")

$WEBSITE_EMAIL$ - email address that is displayed on your TCC website (found in Website Tab > Settings > section "Additional Settings" > field "Email to display on website footer")

$INVOICE_CONTENT$ - the content of the invoice itself

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