How can browser AutoFill extension settings interfere with my Console system?


If you are using in your browser a password manager extension like LastPass (that we will use as an example here), there are circumstances where the browser extension can interfere with your Console data fields, such as when you are creating or updating a contact's information, by filling in either visible or hidden fields with cached/saved data. The results are that you can see preloaded data in the fields (data that does not belong to the respective client) or maybe you save the changes, try to leave the page and the system displays a message that your data is not saved (when in fact it actually is saved).

The solution to avoid this issue and resulting confusion is to tweak the settings of the browser extension in order for it to no longer be active in your Console system. Using the LastPass extension in the Google Chrome browser as an example, you need to:

1. Go to your browser extensions section and click the "Details" button for the LastPass extension.

2. In the extension Details interface, click on the icon to the right side of the "Extension Options" section.


3. In the extension options interface, go to the Advanced section and check the option "Respect AutoComplete=off: allow websites to disable AutoFill", then save the change.


The Coaches Console has a feature that will try to disable the AutoFill effect in your browser, but when you have an extension like LastPass it will be able to do this only if you allow it from the extension settings as described above.

Should you encounter difficulties with this process (you work with a different extension in a different browser and are not sure how to tweak the extension settings), please submit a ticket in our Help Desk where you provide the details and we will try to do the research and help you.

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